Are Insurers Smarter Than Doctors? -

So, I used to get three albuterol inhalers with each refill. All I needed to do was have my physician prescribe it that manner. The pharmacy had no selection however to present me three albuterol inhalers once I referred to as for a refill. That was so good for the asthmatic. I did this for over 30 years.
However that’s not the best way it’s anymore.
And it’s not as a result of my physician modified the best way he wrote prescriptions. He nonetheless writes “3 Albuterol inhalers.” The pharmacist would oblige additionally. However, insurers have determined they’re smarter than medical doctors. So, they now refuse to permit me to get three at a time.
Why? As a result of they don’t need to pay for it. After I ask, they are saying you solely want one in a month. However, generally I do. My medical doctors have allowed for this for over 30 years. However, my insurer is aware of higher than my physician. I don’t want multiple albuterol per refill, they are saying.
Certain, generally I’m going months with out utilizing my albuterol. It’s because my bronchial asthma is effectively managed. However, generally I’m uncovered to pollen. Typically I’m uncovered to mud mites. Typically I’m uncovered to mould spores. Typically I get colds.
When this occurs I’ve bronchial asthma signs. When I’ve signs I take advantage of albuterol. It really works nice for reversing these signs. Whereas it doesn’t occur fairly often anymore, generally I would like a lot of puffs in a given day. Typically I would like multiple inhaler in a month.
My physician is ok with it. My insurer shouldn’t be.
There’s one other logical motive to have three rescue inhalers. Are you able to consider what that may be?
Nicely, if you happen to’re like me, if you happen to’re regular like me, generally you lose your inhaler. Typically you may’t discover it? Typically it will get misplaced in a chair or beneath the mattress. When this occurs, it’s good to have a second inhaler.
And what if you happen to lose that second inhaler too? It’s good to have a spare.
I used to maintain inhalers saved in numerous places. One I’d preserve in my pocket. One I’d preserve in my automotive. One I’d preserve in my locker at work. One I’d preserve within the kitchen cabinet. So, irrespective of the place I used to be, there was one close by.
Not anymore. I don’t do that anymore as a result of my insurer says I don’t want spares. My insurer simply assumes I’ll by no means lose the one I’ve.
Or, I suppose, my insurer assumes I can afford to pay for that second inhaler. Making this harder, although, is that albuterol inhalers was once $5 per prescription. And, every prescription could be three inhalers. Now a prescription is $40 (and that’s the copay, not the worth of the inhaler). And I solely get 1 inhaler monthly.
Yeah! Not good from an asthmatics perspective. Not solely can we pay extra, however we get much less. What’s the deal?
Now, I’m going to place a disclaimer on this submit. I do know there are numerous on this neighborhood who’ve related considerations. Simply needless to say everybody experiences bronchial asthma and it’s remedies in another way. And all of us expertise totally different bronchial asthma administration points.


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