I contemplate summer time to be my second-worst bronchial asthma season (after winter) as a result of warmth and humidity. Nevertheless, a household buddy just lately commented that whereas she used to simply have Spring-and-Fall seasonal allergy symptoms, her allergy symptoms have been over time getting a lot worse in Summer season.
Why would possibly allergy symptoms worsen in summer time?
Like bronchial asthma, allergy symptoms ebb and movement with the seasons. Environmental “seasonal” allergy symptoms are immune reactions to pollens and moulds, in addition to to mud mites. Insect stings are one other widespread offender behind allergic reactions come summer time, with bees, wasps, and hornets most lively on this season.1 As there are totally different crops blooming from Spring to Fall, and totally different mildew spores being stirred up, with out allergy testing completed by an allergist and their employees, it may be close to inconceivable to find out what you might be actually allergic to.
As totally different geographic areas have totally different allergens, your native allergist will take a look at you for a panel of allergens that resemble these widespread the place you reside—for those who’ve moved and skilled a rise in allergy signs, it could be worthwhile asking about how your previous allergy exams line up with what’s examined for in your new space.
Summer time allergy signs
Summer time allergy signs are sometimes mistaken for colds 1, however like different seasonal allergy symptoms, for those who appear to get a chilly that lingers a very long time across the similar time every year, it may very seemingly be allergy symptoms.
Allergy signs might also fluctuate from the standard stuffiness-and-sneeziness, and watery eyes that all of us affiliate with allergy symptoms. Different allergy signs could embody “allergic shiner” (“black eyes”, or darkish circles underneath the eyes from congestion of blood vessels underneath the eyes), swelling of the face from adenoidal swelling at the back of the throat/nostril, which causes a drained or “droopy” look in these with allergy symptoms 1, a “nasal crease” or line down the centre of the nostril brought on by rubbing to alleviate nasal congestion. 1These less-commonly identified allergy signs can definitely be a problem, and might not be as simply recognized as allergy symptoms—so, they’re good to concentrate on!
What may be completed about summer time allergy signs?
At-home administration of allergy symptoms ought to embody preserving your home windows closed (in addition to preserving home windows closed in your automobile throughout allergy seasons!), checking pollen and mildew counts related to your allergy symptoms (many climate apps now embody detailed pollen counts in your space), and having a shower and altering your garments when you come inside from work or play outdoor.2
In case you’re affected by summer time allergy symptoms, communicate together with your physician or allergist. They might have options past the standard over-the-counter antihistamines or nasal sprays to supply, comparable to prescription decongestant nasal sprays or nasal steroids, stronger prescription antihistamines, or decongestants. Somewhat than a one-size-fits-all strategy of over-the-counter tablets, your allergist can assist create a remedy plan that matches your signs.
Seeing an allergist also can assist you to put together for a much less dreadful allergy season subsequent 12 months, as they can assist you pinpoint your allergy symptoms by testing and get a leap on treating them, whether or not by immunotherapy or beginning remedy earlier for summer time earlier than summer time allergy symptoms begin making you completely depressing!
Do you’ve gotten summer time allergy symptoms? How do you handle them?


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