How Did Hippocrates Diagnose Asthma? -

Wanting breath was a illness for many of historical past. I imply what I simply mentioned: the symptom WAS the illness. For those who had been in need of breath you had bronchial asthma. So, bronchial asthma was simple to diagnose.
Early historical past of bronchial asthma analysis
Paperwork from historical China and Egypt describe asthma-like signs. In 800 B.C., Homer was the primary to make use of the time period bronchial asthma within the Iliad. Bronchial asthma was a Greek time period which means brief, panting breaths. Homer used it to explain the sensation of shortness of breath, equivalent to after operating an extended distance.
About 400 years later, Hippocrates outlined the illness bronchial asthma for the medical group. He outlined dyspnea as feeling in need of breath. Principally, dyspnea means you’re feeling like you possibly can’t catch your breath. Like, if you happen to ran and received in need of breath, you’d really feel dyspnea.
He outlined bronchial asthma as extreme shortness of breath. Like, it’s dyspnea that’s all the time there. Or, dyspnea that comes and goes with the seasons. Or, dyspnea that comes and goes with the movement of the winds. Absolutely, he didn’t find out about pollen blowing within the wind. However, Hippocrates did acknowledge the wind as inflicting ailments like bronchial asthma.
Sensible man he was.
Hippocrates cherished to ask questions. He cherished to evaluate his affected person’s too. He may even have positioned his ear towards your chest to hearken to your lung sounds. However, that was about all it took to diagnose bronchial asthma.
So, mainly, if you happen to had been in need of breath, you had been recognized with bronchial asthma. It didn’t’ matter the trigger. There was no take a look at, aside from, perhaps, just a few take a look at questions. Are you coughing? Are you producing phlegm?
The function of “phlegm” in bronchial asthma analysis
Hippocrates cherished phlegm. He believed good well being was whenever you had a stability of the 4 humors. The humors are bodily fluids. The 4 humors included phlegm, yellow bile, black bile, and blood. He believed phlegm was created within the mind. When in abundance, it induced epilepsy.
Right here’s the attention-grabbing half. Hippocrates believed, when in abundance, phlegm additionally flowed to the lungs. It induced epilepsy of the lungs. See, even Hippocrates, over 2,400 years in the past, noticed bronchial asthma as airway spasms. I believe that’s fairly neat.
The therapy was something to lower phlegm. Hippocrates may prescribe a glass of wine, a delicate therapeutic massage, or inhaling some herbs.
For those who had been having a very good bronchial asthma day, he’d suggest consuming a nutritious diet, train, loads of sleep, and taking a shower. These had been all methods of retaining the humors in stability. This was how bronchial asthma was prevented. This was your historical model of bronchial asthma controller drugs.
Bronchial asthma was not thought of an endemic. The truth is, as lately as 1901, Dr. Henry Osler quipped, “Asthmatics pant to previous age.”
For essentially the most half, bronchial asthma was thought of extra of an annoyance. Chances are high if you happen to had an bronchial asthma assault, you simply handled it. For those who had been fortunate, it solely lasted a short while.
For those who had been actually fortunate, you had entry to a health care provider like Hippocrates. Then you definitely’d be recognized with bronchial asthma. Absolutely you don’t need to have bronchial asthma. However, a correct analysis means you get prescribed treatments.
Again then, these treatments didn’t provide you with a lot reduction. However, they did provide you with hope, which could calm you down. Again then, hope was the most effective treatment of all.


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