How Many Puffs Have You Inhaled? -

I not too long ago celebrated my 20th anniversary at my present place of employment. I introduced this on Fb. I wrote:
“So, my boss mentioned that as we speak is my 20th Anniversary. I’m estimating right here, however that involves greater than 64,000 respiratory therapies (not together with ones I gave to myself).“
In case you don’t know, I’m a respiratory therapist. I even have extreme allergic bronchial asthma.
On common I’ve 10 sufferers a day taking respiratory therapies. Most therapies are ordered QID. So, throughout my 12-hour shift that’s three therapies per affected person (the 4th one is given by evening shift). Multiply 10 by three and also you get 30 therapies a day. Multiply 30 by 52 weeks in a 12 months and also you get four,680 therapies a 12 months. Multiply that by 20 years and also you 93,600.
Oops! So, my Fb estimate was a bit of off. That type of reveals you ways good I’m at math.
Nonetheless, you possibly can see that’s a variety of therapies. However, this estimate may really be excessive contemplating we’re not all the time that busy. However, the estimate doesn’t embrace therapies given within the emergency room both. So, that 93,600 therapies could possibly be near correct. In both case, it’s nonetheless a variety of therapies. That’s a variety of lives made higher.
So, what number of therapies have I given myself? It’s onerous to estimate this as a result of I solely use my nebulizer when wanted. I’ve taken plenty of therapies. However, I received’t even attempt an estimate right here. However, there’s something else I’d prefer to estimate.
What number of puffs of rescue drugs have I taken in my lifetime?
“Lots!” I need to say.
However, let’s use this identical components. I used to be given my first inhaler in 1980. It was Alupent. Since 1985 I’ve used Ventolin. Between 1980 and 2005 I had uncontrolled bronchial asthma. From 1980 to 1985 I used Alupent. From 1985 to present I exploit Albuterol.
Let’s assume throughout this era I went by means of an inhaler a month. So, there are 12 months in a 12 months. That’s 12 inhalers a 12 months. There are 200 puffs in an inhaler. So, multiply 12 occasions 200 and also you get 2,400 puffs per 12 months. Now, multiply that by 25 years and also you get 60,000 puffs of both Alupent or Ventolin annually.
That’s an estimated 60,000 puffs between 1980 and 2005. Round 2005 I began utilizing Advair. That was when my bronchial asthma began to get higher. That was after I was in a position to in the reduction of on my rescue inhaler utilization.
Right here’s the issue with my estimate. There have been many occasions I went by means of an inhaler each week. There have been even a couple of occasions I went by means of an inhaler a day. True story. I do know the consultants frown on this, however I had extreme bronchial asthma. It’s simply managed now.
Only for enjoyable, let’s assume I went by means of an inhaler each week for 25 years. That’s 52 weeks in a 12 months. That makes 52 inhalers a 12 months. So, that’s 52 occasions 200 equals 10,400 puffs a 12 months. Now we’ve got to multiply that by 25 years. It comes with a complete of 260,000 puffs.
So, what number of puffs of rescue drugs did I take between 1980 and 2005? The reply should fall someplace between 72,000 and 260,000. I doubt it’s lower than 72,000. It is likely to be greater than 260,000. That’s doable. Okay? I had it fairly unhealthy.
So, hardly ever did an inhaler final me a month. Many occasions one would final two weeks. Typically one would final per week. Generally one lasted solely a day. So, evidently, that’s plenty of puffs. And, simply so you realize, I did this with my physician’s permission. He knew I had a uncommon bronchial asthma subtype.
Now, what number of puffs have I taken in my lifetime? Since 2005, I’d estimate I refilled my inhaler prescription about four inhalers a 12 months. Every prescription is written for 3 inhalers. So, that’s three inhalers occasions four refills equals 12 inhalers a 12 months. Multiply that by 12 years and also you get 28,800 puffs. This I’m certain is an underestimate. So, let’s spherical as much as 30,000 puffs.
So, you’re taking 260,000 puffs plus 30,000 puffs and also you get a grand complete of 290,000. Let’s simply spherical that as much as an excellent 300,000. That, my buddies, is a variety of puffs of Alupent/Ventolin.
That makes me a particular member of the inhaler membership. Nothing to be pleased with there. However, that’s how I’ve made it this far in life.
Fortunately, bronchial asthma management is much better today. My albuterol inhaler isn’t used fairly often anymore. It is a testomony to fashionable bronchial asthma knowledge and drugs. Generally I even go months with out utilizing it. Nevertheless it’s there, tucked away in my work bag as I write this. It’s there for after I want it.
I don’t take it with no consideration. I very a lot appreciated the entire 300,000 puffs. I recognize it much more now in its unused standing. So, what number of puffs of rescue drugs have you ever inhaled? I hope not as a lot as me.


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