Influenza? -

Chapter 1: In pressing care
I’m scripting this late at evening whereas I sit within the ready room of my closest Pressing Care.
I’ve been a bit fearful about all of the information tales about The Flu, also referred to as Influenza. Tales about completely wholesome individuals who get sick in the future and die the subsequent. Whaaaaat?!
The Hubster has been sick with a excessive fever, chills, cough, runny nostril – all of the nasty stuff you hear about with the flu. So, after I began feeling the identical signs I knew I higher go to Pressing Care – quick! This was NOT one thing that would wait till morning.
The Hubster’s doesn’t have bronchial asthma, however I do (and our three grownup youngsters do too). So any chilly or flu is MUCH worse on our lungs than “normal people’s” lungs.
I’m in for a tough trip! It’s solely been a couple of hours since my signs began, and my lungs are already on fireplace. I began out with a scratchy throat at lunch and my lungs began to harm. Since I used to be sick final week, I believed there was NO manner I could possibly be getting sick once more. I used my inhaler and headed house. Because the evening wore on, it began to really feel like my lungs have been on fireplace. So I used my nebulizer since they damage a lot and felt tight.
For me, I take advantage of my nebulizer after I’m sick or have a very unhealthy bronchial asthma assault. My lungs really feel so tight, that I can’t breathe in sufficient to make use of an inhaler. It’s actually as much as every particular person to resolve which is best – an albuterol inhaler or a nebulizer remedy.
So, now I wait to be seen within the Pressing Care. I’m fearful as a result of my lungs don’t normally hit the “on fire” stage till day three or four. I obtained there in eight hours at present.
I higher fasten my seat belt and put my tray in its upright place, as a result of it’s going to be a bumpy flight!
Why the urgency? I’m hoping to get on an anti viral tonight and keep away from the nasty issues – like pneumonia (or loss of life.) Since Center Son was in ICU twice as a baby and got here near dying, I do know that loss of life is a chance for some folks. And after all of the information tales of different folks dying, I’m fairly nervous!
Since I had bronchitis final month, I had a course of oral steroids.  Which means my immune system was impaired and it will be straightforward for me to get sick once more.
And right here I’m, sick once more – and in Pressing Care.
Chapter 2: Pneumonia?
And now I’m on the 24-hour pharmacy. Good factor I went to Pressing Care. The Doc stated he may already hear pneumonia beginning in my lungs – eight hours after I began with a bit tickle in my throat. Woah! I had a flu shot this yr, so I hope that may give me some safety.
I’m ready to get an anti-viral, an antibiotic (take that you simply nasty pneumonia!) and one other oral steroid. I’m am SO glad that I listened to my physique and got here to Pressing Care.
After I left the home, The Hubster was stunned to see me put my footwear on and requested the place I used to be going. I informed him Pressing Care. He stated, ” Are you certain it’s essential to go?”
I informed him, “Oh yeah, something is really wrong.”
Belief your intuition. When you really feel like one thing is improper and it’s essential to go to Pressing Care – GO!!! You realize your physique and when one thing is improper.
Anybody else having “fun” at Pressing Care? Or “fun” with the flu?


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