Kaz Aromatic Inhalant Pads, 6 Count

Value: $8.85 - $6.99
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Kaz Fragrant Inhalant Pads for ALL Kaz and Vicks Steam Inhalers.Directions: 1. Fill your private steam inhaler’s heater cup with water solely in line with directions. 2. Securely substitute the Adjustable Steam Vent over the heater cup. three. Place one medicated pad over the Steam Vent. Substitute Hood and activate the unit. four. Alter the Vents for desired steam move. 5. Breathe the vapors into nasal and throat passages. 6. Every pad is designed for single use. 7. Utilization of Inhalant Pads could also be repeated as much as thrice each day or as directed by a physician. eight. Shut your eyes throughout use. Discontinue use in case you fell the vapors are too sturdy or make you in any other case uncomfortable. 9. For steam remedy with out menthol vapors, merely take away the inhalant pad. WARNINGS: FOR STEAM INHALATION ONLY. Don’t take by mouth. A persistent cough could also be an indication of a severe situation. If cough persists for greater than 1 week, tends to recur or is accompanied by fever, rash or persistent headache, seek the advice of a physician. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. IN CASE OF ACCIDENTAL INGESTION SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE OR CONTACT A POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT ADD ANY LIQUIDS TO THE PAD, USE MORE THAN ONE PAD AT A TIME OR PLACE THE PAD INTO THE HEATER CUP. DO NOT USE INHALER WITH LIQUIDS OTHER THAN WATER. DOING SO COULD CAUSE INJURY, IRRITATION OR FLAMMABILITY. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING A BABY, SEEK THE ADVICE OF A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING A BABY, SEEK THE ADVICE OF A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. RECOMMENDED USAGE: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS UNDER 10 POUNDS. DO NOT HANDLE THE STEAM INHALER WHEN IT IS HOT. DOING SO COULD CAUSE INJURY. DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT FOR PERSISTENT OR CHRONIC COUGH SUCH AS OCCURS WITH SMOKING, ASTHMA OR EMPHYSEMA, OR IF A COUGH IS ACCOMPANIED BY EXCESSIVE PHLEGM (MUCUS) UNLESS DIRECTED BY A DOCTORFor steam inhalation
Gives soothing menthol vapors
Steam helps relieve congestion and chilly signs



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