LEKON Herbal Pack Lekon Cold and Hot Pain Relief Therapy for Neck

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Why chilly remedy? Chilly remedy is confirmed to be protected and efficient at decreasing swelling, relieving ache and reducing muscle spasms, chilly remedy is a straightforward self-care method that anybody can administer. Chilly remedy ought to at all times be used as quickly as potential after an damage happens and continued for the next 48 hours at 15 to 20 minute intervals or as suggested by a medical skilled. When ought to I take advantage of chilly remedy? After an damage, blood vessels that ship oxygen and vitamins to cells are broken and can’t take away waste. The cells across the damage enhance their metabolism in an effort to devour extra oxygen. When all the oxygen is used up, the cells die. Blood cells and fluid seep into areas across the muscle, leading to swelling and bruising. When chilly remedy is utilized, it lowers the temperature of the broken tissue and constricts native blood vessels. This slows metabolism and the consumption of oxygen, subsequently decreasing the speed of cell harm and reducing fluid build-up. Chilly remedy may also numb nerve endings and assist scale back ache. Why warmth remedy? Warmth can scale back muscle spasms, scale back joint stiffness, and make mushy tissue extra limber. Warmth can be utilized to assist loosen tight muscle tissue and joints throughout a warm-up interval earlier than train. For instance, you could put moist scorching packs on tight leg muscle tissue earlier than working, in your shoulder earlier than throwing, or on tight neck or again muscle tissue. When ought to I take advantage of warmth remedy? Use warmth for stiff muscle tissue and joints when you find yourself making an attempt to make them extra limber. Most therapists and medical doctors advise to not use warmth proper after an damage or whereas your damage has any swelling, as this may have the other impact of an chilly remedy. Warmth will increase blood circulate and relaxes muscle tissue. It is good for alleviating tight muscle tissue, however will solely enhance the ache and swelling of an damage by rising blood circulate to the injured space. Contents: LEKON moxa and sea salt. Measurement: 10″ x 7.zero”.Chilly remedy or headache, fever, chilly, toothache, warmth stroke, burns, muscle strains, sprains, trauma, bleeding, magnificence
All fragrant herbs professionally formulated to assist reduction ache, stress and muscle stiffness
The best product for warm/chilly remedy and aromatherapy
Contents: LEKON moxa and sea salt



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