Opinion/Letter: Lung cancer not likely from marijuana

A latest letter concerning marijuana smoke was effectively that means however misguided (“Marijuana smoke carries risks,” The Daily Progress, Jan. 22). Among those advocating for marijuana law reform there is very much discussion of the harms from cannabis smoke.The New Zealand study cited by the letter writer raised concerns until we took a closer look and noticed design flaws, and then looked at other, better studies.For most of his very esteemed career, Dr. Donald Tashkin was the government’s go-to guy on the pulmonary (lung) effects of marijuana smoke. He was commissioned to do several such research projects.At last, before retirement, Dr. Tashkin took it upon himself to design a study that would take this issue on directly: Does cannabis smoke cause cancer? The answer was: No, it does not.Here is a direct quote from his conclusion: “The accumulated weight of evidence implies far lower risks for pulmonary complications of even regular heavy use of marijuana compared with the grave pulmonary consequences of tobacco.”So, marijuana legalization may be very unlikely to trigger a surge in lung most cancers.The harms of marijuana prohibition far outweigh the advantages. We’d see extra smart legislation enforcement and improved life outcomes for many who wouldn’t have prison information to dwell with because of marijuana arrests. In states the place marijuana has been legalized, smoking turns into the much less favored technique of consumption as vaporization turns into obtainable.So allow us to simply get on with it.  Legalizing hashish is a good suggestion.Lennice Werth, Fluvanna County


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