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“I Have A Funny Asthma Story,” she stated. I questioned what may very well be humorous about bronchial asthma. Quite than say that, I stated, “I love hearing funny asthma stories.”
I’m glad I worded it the way in which I did. She shared a neat story. It was about our historical past. Her story segued right into a enjoyable dialogue about our historical past.
An bronchial asthma story
She stated, “My grandma had bronchial asthma. She would inhale this powder. It got here in a can. It was a blue can. She would put the powder in entrance of her. And she or he’d ignite it with a match. It produced a smoke that she inhaled.
“It produced a horrible smell,” she continued. “At the very least it was horrible to us children. I do know that it helped grandma, although. She used it till the late 1970s. It was offered over-the-counter. Someday she went to the shop to get her bronchial asthma medication. It was not on the shelf.
“She asked the pharmacist, ‘Where is my asthma medicine?’”
“‘The pharmacist said, ‘It was taken off the shelves. It’s no longer available.’”
“Concerned, my grandma said, ‘Why would they do that?’”
“‘Because it had marijuana in it,’ the pharmacist said. ‘Kids were using it for recreation. They were abusing it.’” She smiled and laughed. It was humorous to her, she thought her grandma smoked marijuana.
I believe that’s what she noticed as humorous. Her grandma was hooked on marijuana. She liked the bronchial asthma powder as a result of it actually did take the sting off.
Nevertheless it was marijuana.
She stated her grandma’s bronchial asthma bought worse after that. She stated her grandma ended up dying of bronchial asthma. She had it unhealthy. And she or he stated that she wished they wouldn’t take previous treatments off the cabinets. They need to proceed to be out there for many who want them.
I stated, “I love your story. I have heard similar stories. It may have been marijuana your grandma inhaled. But, it probably was stramonium or belladonna. Those are from the same family of plants as marijuana. But, those were the main ingredients of asthma powders. And they had similar hallucinogenic effects as marijuana.”
I might see the glow in her eyes as I described the drugs. And that glow turned brighter after I advised her I knew what the drugs was.
“You do?” she stated, gleefully.
I advised her she ought to Google The creator of that website collects previous bronchial asthma inhalers. On the location, he additionally has many bronchial asthma powder cans. I Googled it on my iPhone for her. I confirmed her a inexperienced can. It stated, “Dr. R Schiffmann’s Asthmador.”
“Yes! It looked like that!” she stated. “But, the can my grandma used was blue.”
That is sensible, I defined to her. There have been many manufacturers. The powders they contained had been a little bit totally different relying on the model you purchased. However, all of them did the identical factor. They had been gentle bronchodilators. In addition they had a light hallucinogenic impact. It helped to take the sting off the sensation of shortness of breath. It was a really helpful medication for its time.
She stated, “She just wanted to take her asthma powder. She wanted to inhale the smoke. None of the other medicines helped her.” Her smile waned barely. “But, that was a long time ago. I was just a kid.”
“Maybe your grandma was addicted,” I stated. “And inhaling the smoke probably did help her asthma. But, it may also have made her asthma worse. It made her need the remedy even more. So, it was doubly addicting.”
“You know,” she stated, “I never thought of that. Maybe that’s why she had trouble making the transition. But, still, I think it’s a neat story. It’s neat telling people my grandma smoked marijuana. It’s funny, even.”
“Sure is,” I stated. “It’s a neat story to tell. And I really enjoyed it.”
I defined a little bit historical past of smoking for bronchial asthma. I defined the way it began with the traditional Egyptians. The way it made it’s strategy to historical India. How the Indians stuffed the dried and crushed powders of their pipes. How this treatment made it’s strategy to the U.S. within the early 19th century.
Inhaling powders was a standard bronchial asthma treatment. It was out there in cans. This was most likely the most affordable model. It may very well be stuffed into pipes. They could have positioned it in glass bottles. Or, they put it on plates, ignited it, and inhaled the smoke. Though, many simply burned it utilizing the lid of the can as a tray.
There was a well-known physician within the early 20th century. He had many bronchial asthma sufferers. Again then medical doctors went on rounds. They went to their affected person’s houses. This physician quipped that he might all the time inform which sufferers had bronchial asthma by the odor. He might odor the scents earlier than he even opened the door.


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