Parallels: Messed-up Lungs vs. Messed-up Leg -

One other month-or-so, one other set of prescription refills. As a rule, I get off-sync with refilling multiple month of meds at a time and find yourself having to undergo this course of extra continuously than I may. Primarily, if I refill only one of every prescription, the pc system remembers this and units it to my default—if I would like extra, I can name and communicate to a pharmacist however come on… precise people?
As we speak, I attempted one thing totally different, the new-ish on-line prescription refill service (that beforehand, within the previous iteration, I used to be by no means in a position to bear in mind my login data for!). Regardless of having to completely guess at my “insurance or provincial health number” since not one of the multiple-choice choices that popped up matched my Manitoba Well being quantity, I used to be in a position to confirm my identification and get logged in.
Pharmacy web site magic… for a second
It was like nirvana. I bought logged in—I imply, I needed to reset my password, however I do this like 3 times a day regardless of utilizing LastPass.After which, on each of my prescriptions, it stated Prepared for Refill… after which beside it “This prescription is currently on hold.” The knowledge bubble learn “Your pharmacist has put this prescription on hold for you to fill at a later date. You are not eligible to submit this prescription for a refill.”Um, says who? I’m two days early, and I might be out of city the day I’m eligible. I’d get it if this have been for my ADHD meds, however it was not.
Discovering the loophole
Thoughts boggled, I hit the shortcut for the pharmacy on my telephone. (You recognize you’re a power affected person when you’ve gotten the pharmacy in your favourite contacts…). I hit 1-1 and proceeded with the automated refill course of by telephone, pondering I’d get transferred to the pharmacy.
Besides, go determine, it labored. I hit the button to request my meds for pickup between 5 and 10 pm at present and that was that.With out even speaking to a human. With out the nonsensical restrictions on the web-based system, which is ALL THE SAME SYSTEM.
No, I do know this doesn’t make any sense. It’s just like the time I wanted to withdraw precisely $37 from the financial institution for a FedEx supply they usually instructed me I couldn’t withdraw from my childhood checking account at a teller—I proceeded to reply “So you’re telling me, though, I can take this exact debit card out there and withdraw the cash from the machine, and come back in here and get change to get my $37?”…They responded sure, and I responded by rolling my eyes and doubtless too-loudly saying “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”
However, , similar to I bought my $37 that day in 2009, I managed to get my meds refilled at present. Effectively, I hope, a minimum of. We’ll see what occurs after I get to the pharmacy!


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