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Many individuals with bronchial asthma have nebulizers. They work nice for bronchial asthma. So, what are they?
Listed here are some fundamental phrases to know
Respiration remedy. It’s if you inhale drugs utilizing a nebulizer. “I recommend sitting up in a chair to take your breathing treatments.”
Remedy. A shorter approach of claiming respiration remedy.  “It’s recommended that you breathe normally during your treatment.”
Resolution. A mix of water. It could comprise simply water. It could additionally comprise drugs. These used to come back in small bottles. Right now, they normally are available in small plastic ampules.
Ampules (Amps). Small plastic containers for storing options. Most respiratory options are premixed with regular saline. They arrive with one dose of the drugs. “Albuterol amps contain 0.5cc Albuterol and 0.3cc sodium chloride.”
Regular saline. It’s water with sodium chloride (salt) added to it. It’s zero.9% sodium chloride. This matches the salt content material in your physique. It’s premixed in ampules with a prescribed quantity of drugs. This permits for the remedy to final lengthy sufficient to be efficient.
Nebulizer. It’s a small, hand-held machine that permits you to inhale a mist. An ordinary nebulizer has a mouthpiece and a nebulizer cup. “A nebulizer can be held in your hand and is easy to use.”
Nebulizer cup. It’s a cup you place options into. A small opening within the backside of the cup permits a stream of air to enter the cup. This stream is used to create a mist for inhaling. The precept concerned right here is the Bernoulli Precept. “You put the medicine in the nebulizer cup.”
Air compressor. A small machine that creates a circulation of air. Most are concerning the measurement of a tissue field and are operated by electrical energy. Others are smaller and are operated by batteries. Many individuals incorrectly discuss with them as nebulizers.
Tubing. It’s oxygen tubing that connects from the air compressor to the nebulizer. It directs the circulation of air to enter the nebulizer cup. This circulation of air is what turns the answer right into a mist.
Mist. It’s not smoke. It’s not steam. It’s what you are feeling when strolling over a waterfall. When created by a nebulizer, it permits you to inhale an answer. In contrast to steam or smoke, no chemical modifications to the options are made. This permits for risky and nonvolatile medicines to be inhaled. It additionally permits you to inhale two or extra medicines throughout the identical remedy.
Mouthpiece. It’s the a part of a nebulizer you place into your mouth. Clip it between your enamel. Make a good seal along with your lips. It directs the mist into your airway if you inhale.
Masks. It’s hooked up to the highest of the nebulizer. It’s used as a substitute of the mouthpiece. It matches comfortable over your mouth and nostril.
Nebulizer system. The mix of the nebulizer, tubing, air compressor and mouthpiece or masks.
Regular Respiration. The advice is so that you can breathe usually. Your aim is to create a clean, laminar circulation so the mist travels to your decrease airways the place it’s wanted. Some consultants advocate taking an occasional deep breath.
Conclusion.  So, these are some fundamental phrases relating to nebulizer respiration remedies. They’re good choices for inhaling the respiratory drugs. In case you have additional questions, take a look at my submit, “What Are Nebulizer Systems?”


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