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This previous winter I discovered myself on steroids once more. They work nice for fixing bronchial asthma. However, the negative effects are depressing. I felt so depressing the final time I used to be on them that I mentioned, “I’m not going back on those again.” But, when my physician really helpful them this time round, I used to be an excellent affected person.
I’ve to confess, that regardless of the negative effects, they’re good for ending bronchial asthma episodes. So, I figured this was an excellent time for a overview on how steroids work.
Uncovered to triggers
All asthmatics have a point of underlying airway irritation. When uncovered to your bronchial asthma triggers (just like the frequent virus), this irritation might worsen. That is what causes bronchial asthma signs.
Irritation is sweet to some extent. It’s your immune methods manner of trapping undesirable pathogens. You inhale a virus. That virus assaults your airway cells. Your immune system responds by releasing chemical substances. These chemical substances inform airway wall cells to extend their permeability. This causes them to launch a few of their fluid.
This ends in elevated airway wall irritation. It makes them pink and infected Specialised cells (goblet cells) lining airways are irritated by this and secrete additional mucus. Nerve cells are irritated inflicting pain-like signs, reminiscent of chest tightness and itchiness. With a chilly, this additionally occurs in your higher airway, inflicting a runny nostril, itchy nostril, nasal drainage, sneezing, and so on.
This entire course of is supposed to entice, kill, and take away the virus. It’s meant to maintain you wholesome. If in case you have an an infection, it’s meant to get you feeling higher.
However, in our case, this response is exaggerated. Most asthmatics have a point of “always there” airway irritation. A day by day dose of the inhaled corticosteroid in Advair normally retains this in verify for me. However, typically, like after I caught the flu final week, it’s not sufficient. My bronchial asthma will get worse. And, I see my physician.
He orders a prednisone pack.
It’s like a catch 22
Being the nice affected person I’m, I oblige. I decide up the prescription from Meijers. I take the primary dose. After which I reap the rewards of higher respiration. However I additionally undergo the negative effects.
Systemic corticosteroids like Methylprednisolone mimic pure cortisol. It’s a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex (It’s part of your adrenal glands. They sit on prime of your kidneys). Cortisol
Helps you reply to stress. It additionally has different jobs, reminiscent of regulating the consumption of carbs.
For our functions, a significant a part of what it does is suppress the immune response that causes irritation.  It blocks or prevents the immune system from releasing these specialised chemical substances that trigger irritation.
So, on this manner, corticosteroids suppress your immune response. It’s good in that it reduces airway irritation to make respiration simpler. It is extremely efficient at ending bronchial asthma assaults. It’s additionally very efficient for treating different inflammatory illnesses, like arthritis. So, an added bonus is these physique aches and pains are gone in the meanwhile.
However, there are negative effects. As famous, the adrenal cortex produces cortisol. You might be prone to these negative effects whenever you absorb extra of this hormone than what is of course produced. So, you’re taking 24 mg of Methylprednisone on the primary day. This can be a good dose. Your physique notices this, and so it stops producing cortisol.
That is why it’s a must to be weaned off systemic corticosteroids. In case you instantly cease, you’ll in all probability expertise some harsh withdrawal signs, reminiscent of nausea and vomiting. I’ve by no means skilled these signs, as I’m an excellent affected person.
However, simply being on artificial steroids causes negative effects. These negative effects are completely different from one particular person to the following. For you, your negative effects may be completely different than mine. We’re all completely different. Our our bodies are all completely different. So, all of us reply to those drugs in several methods.
Me? I really feel bloated. I really feel like my pores and skin is stretched taut over my swollen tissues. My abdomen feels bloated, though I’ve eaten little or no immediately. And I’ve eaten little or no, regardless of the never-ending, unsatiated starvation.
That’s what they do to me.
I’ve by no means skilled this earlier than, however this time they’ve additionally given me an insatiable thirst. Plainly irrespective of how a lot I drink I’m nonetheless thirsty. I’m informed by my nursing associates that it’s because steroids additionally enhance your sugar. That is why you get thirsty and hungry.
So, that is how steroids have an effect on this asthmatic. They definitely are good for the respiration. They’re good in that they take away physique aches and pains. However, nasty negative effects are an excellent incentive to take them solely as instructed, and keep away from them until pertinent.
Have you ever taken systemic steroids in your bronchial asthma? How have they impacted you?


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