The Night Before Christmas

By Henry Ehrlich
On Christmas Eve I went to my subsequent door neighbor’s home for a night of drinks and snacks earlier than carol singing, as I’ve most years for many years. I used to be standing within the kitchen making ready to make my customary backdoor exit earlier than the singing started to spare the musical sensibilities of the others from the sound of my voice. A younger man got here in and frantically started spitting into the sink and rinsing his mouth. He mentioned it was burning. He had taken a chunk of the hostess’s vegan chili, which contained cashews, and he was cashew allergic. In spite of everything these years of writing about meals allergic reactions this was the primary response I had witnessed. I requested him if he had epinephrine. No. I ran again to my home and bought him a cetirizine, a fast-acting antihistamine, which was the most effective I may do, and gave it to him. He went dwelling a couple of doorways away. The following day I heard that he had vomited when he was within the privateness of his dwelling toilet and that he was advantageous. Whew.
I’ve been ruminating on this ever since and chatting about it on Fb. These are a few of my ideas:
First, as a younger man, maybe in his late teenagers or early 20s, he match the profile for risk-taking in a social scenario. I had examine this individual. Now I noticed him in motion.
Second, he didn’t carry epi. His unhealthy.Who is aware of what’s in it?
Third, it wasn’t the hostess’s fault. These events have taken place on and off for 30years in a single home or one other with out incident. Kids have been born, grown up, and moved away, though the solid of wives has modified considerably through the years, and the vegan is a latest arrival. Whereas I anticipate she might be extra cautious subsequent Christmas, it truly is the accountability of grownups to take care of their very own well being. This was not a child’s birthday celebration. Each dad and mom had been within the room. Potluck and catered household dinners at church or synagogue, by all means label; the truth is I created the rules for my very own synagogue. Personal events–each individual for themselves. When you’re a visitor, convey your points to the chef, stick to meals you realize you possibly can eat, and carry epi.
Fourth, I’ve now discovered that cashews are a go-to protein for vegan variations of meals like chili.
And to all a superb evening.
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