Despite the fact that I’ve been coming right here for years, I can nonetheless say that I LOVE Disneyland! With a bachelor’s diploma in Inside Design, I can actually respect all of the element. I marvel on the theme of every space, the structure and detailed inside. Add some attractive landscaping, and it truly is magical.
Will the bronchial asthma assault start now?
Disney likes to immerse its guests within the expertise of each trip. And a part of that’s utilizing theatrical components, resembling lighting, music, fog and misting.
I seen the misting on Pirates of the Caribbean. And so did my lungs. As quickly as our boat lazily drifted underneath the mist, I had the acquainted twitch in my throat, and the cough began. That’s how bronchial asthma assaults begin for me – a tickle or twitch in my throat, after which a sudden, arduous cough.
Fortunately for me, I had already used my inhaler. I seen how chilly it was as we have been standing in line on the parking storage, ready for the shuttle to take us to Downtown Disney. Chilly temperatures are one among my Bronchial asthma triggers. I knew that if we have been outdoors on a chilly day, my lungs have been going to be cranky. Add that to the top chilly I used to be already battling, and I knew I higher use my inhaler to guard my lungs.
So, once we have been underneath the mist within the boat, it bothered my lungs, however I knew I used to be okay as a result of I had used my inhaler simply an hour earlier than.
Why would theatrical mist hassle my lungs?
It falls underneath the class of “irritants”. For these of us with bronchial asthma, there are two classes of bronchial asthma triggers – irritants and allergic reactions.
Am I alone in being bothered by theatrical misting? No. A fast web search led to a number of articles that warn about theatrical misting triggering bronchial asthma assaults.
I had a member of the family that was attending a present in Las Vegas along with his household, and he had a an bronchial asthma assault from the misting and fog throughout a theatrical manufacturing. His expertise was MUCH scarier as a result of he used his inhaler, however was nonetheless having a tough time respiratory. So that they needed to name an ambulance and take him to the hospital.
Speak about scary!
It’s all a part of the annoying actuality of bronchial asthma.
Our our bodies over-react to easy, every single day issues. You realize – like canines, cats, bushes, flowers, grass, smoke, theatrical misting, and many others. I remind those who bronchial asthma is a “drama queen” – our our bodies simply over react to regular issues within the setting. And there’s nothing we are able to do, besides attempt to keep away from something that we all know would possibly set off an bronchial asthma assault.
For that cause, I ALWAYS take my inhaler with me. You by no means know whenever you could be round an bronchial asthma set off, and I wish to ensure I’m protected. Nothing scares me greater than not having my inhaler with me.
So, Disneyland was superb (what else is new?) and price each penny. And despite the fact that my lungs have been irritated by the misting on the Pirates of the Caribbean trip, I didn’t find yourself with an bronchial asthma assault.
I’ll take that as a win.
Anybody else have issues with misting or fog throughout rides at amusement parks or watching performs?


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