UPMC Hamot Unveils Unique Technology That Detects Lung Cancer Earlier

UPMC Hamot now has new know-how that is obtainable nowhere else within the nation. The robotic system permits medical doctors to see areas of the lung that would not be seen earlier than.It is known as the Monarch Platform, developed by an organization known as Auris Well being.  It makes use of software program, and a small digital camera, that may now attain areas of the lung that earlier know-how couldn’t. The brand new system permits medical doctors to diagnose lung most cancers earlier, and save lives.    Auris Well being selected Dr. Stephen Kovacs, of UPMC Hamot, over a whole bunch of different medical doctors throughout the nation, to be the primary to work with the system.”We can really navigate these airways while we’re visualizing them.  We can get in front of those nodules and these masses and figure out what they are,” says Kovacs.Kovacs said lung cancer has reached epidemic proportions in the Erie area. 90% of people diagnosed with the disease do not survive because it is usually not detected until it reaches an advanced stage.David Gibbons, UPMC Hamot President, says the new technology will draw many new patients to the hospital.  He says physicians from across the country and around the world will come to UPMC Hamot to train with the system.”That is revolutionizing the way in which well being care is delivered.  We’re very proud to be the primary to introduce this within the nation,” Gibbons mentioned.


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