One current meals pattern has some individuals involved: including liquid nitrogen proper earlier than consuming to create the impact of smoke. It might sound enjoyable, however is it secure, particularly for individuals with bronchial asthma?When her son had an bronchial asthma assault after consuming a well-liked deal with known as Dragon Breath, one mother shared a submit on Fb to warn others. Dragon Breath, together with different novelty treats, is made with liquid nitrogen to offer the impact of smoke.Liquid nitrogen is a fluid that’s extraordinarily chilly. If not dealt with correctly, it will probably trigger frostbite on contact. It’s added to some meals and drinks proper earlier than serving to create a smoke or fog impact. For instance, Dragon Breath is manufactured from items of fruit-flavored cereal which are frozen in liquid nitrogen. Once you put it in your mouth, it seems like you’re respiration smoke.Can these treats trigger bronchial asthma assaults? Ought to individuals with bronchial asthma eat meals made with liquid nitrogen? We requested members of our Medical Scientific Counsel for his or her ideas.Query: Meals made with liquid nitrogen are fashionable proper now. How can consuming or consuming these things have an effect on individuals with bronchial asthma?Reply: Liquid nitrogen is an odorless, colorless, tremendous chilly chemical that has been used within the medical therapy (freezing) of warts or pores and skin cancers. It’s also utilized in meals to make smoother ice lotions or to create distinctive merchandise, comparable to strawberry mud made by crushing frozen berries.Extra just lately, bartenders have been utilizing liquid nitrogen to create smoking cocktails. Liquid nitrogen can be utilized safely in meals however ought to by no means be ingested. Liquid nitrogen should be totally evaporated to be secure. Inner and exterior burns, some fairly severe, have been reported when liquid nitrogen is incorrectly utilized in foods and drinks preparation.Individuals with bronchial asthma could also be significantly vulnerable to even brief exposures to the chilly fuel vapor, leading to bronchial asthma assaults. Though thought of non-toxic, there’s additionally a danger of asphyxiation (suffocation) when liquid nitrogen is utilized in poorly-ventilated areas.Query: Is that this a priority for any sort of bronchial asthma, even these with intermittent or gentle bronchial asthma?Reply: Even when bronchial asthma is gentle, the set off to annoy airways could also be unpredictable. It is best to keep away from knowingly inhaling a chemical which is chilly and might irritate and compromise the airways.Query:  If an bronchial asthma assault is attributable to sudden publicity to a blast of chilly air from liquid nitrogen, can different chilly meals, like ice cream or slushy-type drinks, trigger bronchial asthma signs?Reply: Chilly is a recognized set off for bronchial asthma. Ingesting chilly drinks and meals might trigger fleeting gentle bronchial asthma signs, like cough.Query: Ought to individuals with bronchial asthma watch out round liquid nitrogen typically?Reply: Liquid nitrogen at a distance will not be dangerous. Some individuals simply by the character of its chilly temperature might discover it irritating. However, liquid nitrogen meals objects are uncovered to oral, nasal and pulmonary mucus membranes. This might end in “burns” to the mucus membranes that might have an effect on everybody. However these with sinus and lung issues comparable to bronchial asthma could also be extra considerably affected.Query: What are your suggestions for individuals with bronchial asthma who wish to devour meals made with liquid nitrogen?Reply: I might suggest avoiding it.Individuals with bronchial asthma usually are not the one ones who ought to take into account staying away from Dragon Breath and different related meals and drinks. The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration additionally warns that everybody ought to keep away from consuming meals the place liquid nitrogen is added simply earlier than consuming.Medical Evaluation September 2018.Photograph credit score of Dragon’s breath: Stilfehler through Wikimedia CommonsIt is vital to remain up-to-date on information about bronchial asthma and allergy symptoms. By becoming a member of our group and following our weblog, you’ll obtain information about analysis and coverings. Our group additionally gives a chance to attach with different sufferers who handle these circumstances for assist.JOIN NOW


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