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In most international locations exterior of the USA, there’s an accredited dosing technique for the mixture inhaler Symbicort often known as Symbicort SMART. Why SMART isn’t at present accredited in the USA is a solution I do not need, however it’s accredited in “most countries”. 1 Symbicort, like different mixture inhalers Dulera (Zenhale) and Advair, in addition to different formulations obtainable exterior of North America resembling Fostair and Flutiform, works by treating each elements of bronchial asthma and constriction of airways by use of a long-acting beta-2 agonist (LABA), often known as a “long-acting bronchodilator”, and irritation of airways by the use of an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS).Underneath SMART, sufferers take the prescribed variety of inhalations of Symbicort twice each day (about 12 hours aside), in addition to use 1 puff of the identical inhaler as their rescue treatment. The distinctiveness of Symbicort SMART remedy is due to the LABA part, fluticasone.
The rationale of Symbicort SMART
SMART stands for Symbicort Upkeep and Reliever Remedy—so, form of just like the “ATM machine” being the automated teller machine, it’s technically Symbicort Symbicort Upkeep and Reliever Remedy. 😉 As I discussed, the drug formoterol is why SMART works.Formoterol is a LABA with speedy onset, inside 1-Three minutes of taking a dose. Comparatively, salmeterol (in Advair) takes 15-30 minutes to take impact—which is why salmeterol ought to by no means be used as a rescue treatment, it merely doesn’t work quick sufficient. Conversely, formoterol acts quickly sufficient to alleviate acute bronchospasm—the constriction that happens in an bronchial asthma exacerbation. So, it is smart that formoterol be accredited to be used for acute bronchial asthma signs, identical to salbutamol/albuterol is.
Why the inhaled steroid?
The rationale for a mixed ICS/LABA as a rescue treatment is, merely, that each constriction and irritation elements of bronchial asthma should be handled. If there is a rise in constriction, theoretically there’s additionally a rise within the irritation within the lungs, so pairing a dose of bronchodilator with the anti-inflammatory part of an ICS is claimed to stop exacerbations from changing into worse by responding quickly with an inhaled steroid. As effectively, analysis signifies that there’s a recursive impact whereby ICS and LABA make each other simpler. 2 Merely: SMART is an efficient rescue remedy for bronchial asthma by the use of a rapid-acting bronchodilator and will provide a method to curb irritation resulting in elevated signs with the mixed dosage of ICS—and, in tandem, the medication may fit collectively extra successfully.
Is SMART simpler than separate inhalers?
There was no distinction in time earlier than bronchial asthma exacerbation between these utilizing SMART and people on conventional remedy, and no distinction in how effectively sufferers tolerated SMART vs conventional bronchial asthma administration. Three Early research of SMART (2009) indicated decrease ICS dosing total in these utilizing SMART, in addition to decrease value. 3As effectively, fewer bronchial asthma exacerbations occurred within the group utilizing SMART, giving validity to the hope that dosing with ICS on the onset of bronchial asthma signs could present a buffer, serving to to stop exacerbations. Three
I’ve accomplished a quick stint on SMART and it wasn’t for me. It was good to “top up” doses mid-day, however I personally didn’t discover important variations in my respiratory, and, as Symbicort is accessible solely as a Turbuhaler in Canada (and I imagine of the remainder of the world), I didn’t choose this system. I additionally personally choose my separate rescue inhaler, however I don’t actually have justification for this—it’s simply choice. As effectively, extra extreme asthmatics utilizing SMART can also have to hold two inhalers in any case, Symbicort and a daily rescue inhaler, within the occasion they want extra rescue treatment than SMART pointers enable–usually, more moderen analysis is wanting into SMART for milder asthmatics, even these with intermittent bronchial asthma.
Why a SMART-type regime has not been adopted by different formoterol-containing medicines, I’m not certain—a part of me feels that the developer of Symbicort SMART could have a patent on this dosing methodology, and as soon as that patent expires, this methodology could also be rushed for approval with different fluticasone-containing meds. It’s definitely a well-rounded principle to deal with each causes of bronchial asthma signs upon the onset of acute signs, and it really works effectively in some ways for a lot of sufferers.
Do you reside in a rustic the place SMART is accredited? Have you ever tried it?


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