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So, as mother to three children with bronchial asthma, I’m the one who takes care of the household when somebody will get sick.
In truth, it’s most likely secure to say that the majority mothers maintain their household when they’re sick.
However – what occurs when the mother will get sick? And she or he has bronchial asthma too?
Who takes care of us?
It’s been a REALLY bizarre yr, that is the 4th time I’ve been sick with bronchitis since November. What’s occurring? Properly, numerous touring and airports.
I’ve had work and private journeys, and each time I fly with the Hubster, I get sick. He’s not precisely a germ freak like me. I carry a package deal of antibacterial hand wipes with me, in addition to journey hand sanitizer. And I exploit them continuously.
Pull down the tray on the airplane? You MIGHT need to clear it after studying this quote from a Time Journal article:
“Alarmingly, a 2015 study by TravelMath that tested samples from hard surfaces in planes found that tray table surfaces had more than eight times the amount of bacteria per square inch than the lavatory flush buttons. The trays had 2,155 colony forming units of bacteria per square inch—compared to the 127 cfu/sq. in., which is what the National Science Foundation says is standard for a toilet seat at home.”
Yeah, that factor is getting cleaned with an antiseptic wipe! (Or two!)
Contact a rest room doorknob with out utilizing a paper towel? (I hate it once they solely have air dryers and no paper towels to make use of to open the door….) Use hand sanitizer after you contact the doorknob!
Deal with a germy menu? Hand sanitizer please.
Use the TV distant within the lodge? Not till it’s wiped down with an antibacterial wipe! They’re one of many dirtiest gadgets in a lodge room.
So, yeah – I’m a germ freak, however I handle to remain fairly wholesome. However the Hubster isn’t a germ freak, so he will get sick. Then he coughs and sneezes throughout every little thing after which just a few days later, I get sick.
So, right here I’m – again from a Sunday go to to Pressing Care. A enjoyable 2 hours go to with a chest x-ray, respiration therapy with the compressor and nebulizer, – and looking for a pharmacy that’s open on a Sunday.
So, who takes care of me now that I’m sick? Properly…..I do.
Mothers appear to have that sense of when a sick member of the family wants one thing. Chilly washcloth to your brow honey? How a few popsicle? It’s time for a respiration therapy! Wish to watch a video? Or how a few e book to learn?
However when mothers are sick, the household acts like a deer within the headlights.
They’re at a loss. What will we do now?!
She’s coughing once more. Hope she’s okay. (I simply stumble over and assemble the nebulizer and provides myself a therapy.) Then my shaky palms attempt to pour a dose of prescription cough drugs.
Then I examine my record to verify I haven’t forgotten something.
Respiration therapy? Verify! Document the time so I do know what time I can have the following dose.
Cough drugs? Verify and document the time.
Antibiotic? Verify! Document the time.
Meals? Hmm….
I’m silently laughing as I see the household within the kitchen, making an attempt to resolve what to make for dinner. They’re strolling round, opening cabinets and searching within the fridge. (Thoughts you, I’ve a husband and three grownup kids….) They’re ready for a meal to magically seem. (Image a facepalm emoji right here).
They lastly resolve to make omelets and convey a plate in for me, as I’m too sick to stand up from the sofa.
Now – what number of of you mothers are laughing as you learn this?
I can hear you saying, “Mmmhmmm. Every. Time. I. Get. Sick.” That is my life!
Okay, girls, let’s hear your tales! What do you do whenever you get sick? What does your loved ones do?


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